The Wireless Channel

The Wireless Channel is your access to poll, quiz and infotainment services. It’s an interactive and constantly changing flow of entertainment interwoven throughout Middle-Earth, keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments surrounding the film and your character in The Lord of the Rings.



Test your knowledge by taking part in mobile quizzes! The quizzes deal with different aspects from the film, and by taking them you can win the amazing prizes available in Wireless Middle-Earth. You can even challenge your friends to beat your top score, take part in championship matches, and have your top score displayed on the Internet (if you’re good enough!).


Got something to say but nowhere to say it? Polls are the voice of the fans – allowing you to give your opinion on a wide array of subjects concerning The Lord of the Rings and all that relates to it. By taking part in a poll, you will automatically enter a draw to win The Lord of the Rings merchandise and rewards!

News & Information

Be the first to know! Ground breaking news and the latest developments in Wireless Middle-Earth and The Lord of the Rings trilogy will be sent to your mobile phone the instant it takes place! Don’t worry – you won’t receive unsolicited information. All the facts you receive will be based on information you have requested. Sub-communities within Wireless Middle-Earth can even form their own newsgroups and receive or send information amongst themselves!