Wireless Middle-Earth is a living and growing world within your mobile phone. Prepare to meet hobbits, elves and dwarfs – or walk on the dark side with orcs, Ringwraiths or Balrog. Access to this world is at your fingertips! Wander through Middle-Earth with mobile games, quizzes, polls and infotainment, or communicate in script or rune.

Imagine Wireless Middle-Earth as an amusement park. The park is filled with different activities, each created for a different theme or interest, but each serving the primary purpose of fun. Wireless Middle-Earth is the destination, along with the rides within.

You’ll notice some immediate highlights, such as the Battle of Middle-Earth, or just enjoy the simpler games and infotainment. By becoming part of Wireless Middle-Earth’s community, you can be the first to hear the latest news, participate in polls and win loads of fantastic prizes (even a trip to the film set in New Zealand)!