Create a character to live in the realm of Middle-Earth, moving about in a magical world inhabited by men, elves, dwarfs and hobbits! You will be able to explore the many aspects of Middle-Earth, meeting and challenging actual characters and creatures familiar from the film!

You’ll pursue quests and interact with other players to form bands of fellow adventurers. In true fantasy-adventure style, your character gains assets that will help you in your quests as you travel around Middle-Earth. Allies and army units, magical weapons and spells will all help you progress in your journey. As time goes on, more lands will be unlocked and your character will become stronger.

Your ultimate goal is to defeat the Dark Lord Sauron while dealing with other mini-adventures as they come your way. Cooperating with other players increases all power in Wireless Middle-Earth, giving you an advantage in battle and a means of exchanging information to help you in your quest